Who we are
What we do for you

Midi:10 is a Paris-based photo production company,
founded in 1999 by Frédéric Dorizon, who is both French and English.
Highly aware of the creative process, we put our skill and experience in service of the advertising, fashion, editorial, and corporate industries.
From start to finish and for all your photo or video projects, we provide a full-service production or else select services including art buying, location-scouting and location management.
Our services are precisely tailored to the needs and the budget of each client.
We have the know-how to source and assemble the very best teams for your projects and to produce with efficiency and flexibility throughout France and abroad.

Art buying / Casting
Location scouting / Permits
Production & Management
Travel / Ground transport
Accomodation & Catering

Camera / Lighting / Grip
Stylist / Hair and Make up artist
Technical teams
Props / Set building
Anything needed for a smooth and succeful production